Content Section "Specialist's Degree in Interactive Communication Systems'

Specialist's Degree in Interactive Communication Systems

Especialista Universitario en Sistemas Interactivos de Comunicación

  • This degree offers the opportunity to be a specialist in interactive communication system.
  • This course is conducted entirely online and students will produce a specific material related to Internet communication systems.
  • For obtaining the title of Specialist's Degree in Interactive Communication Systems (more ...)

Media Convergence

Convergencia de Medios Mediators: Sara Osuna

The revolution of new technologies, specifically the Internet, has led to the convergence of different media which previously operated independently. The higher bandwidth, faster processors and systems for digital signal compression have enabled more efficient network that brings together all necessary resources for media convergence. (More ...)

Digital Narrative

Narrativa Digital Mediator: Roberto Sanchez Aparici and Africa

Throughout history, humans have felt the need to tell stories and represent reality. The scientific and technological advances have modified the various forms of narrative and representation. In the last years of the twentieth century, the digitization of audiovisual production has created new languages and new ways to create and tell stories that go beyond mere conversion from analogue to digital. (More ...)

Online Collaborative Working

Trabajo colaborativo en la Red Mediators: Esther Fonseca

The Content of the module addresses the concept of virtual space (cyberspace) and pedagogical implications for collaborative work in / with the Web (Web). (More ...)

Communication and Development

Comunicación y Desarrollo Facilitator: Esther Fonseca

The module aims to facilitate knowledge of public policy development of the Global Information Society, the study of interaction processes and social appropriation of cyberspace, and the analysis of the consequences and economic, political and socio-cultural networks and digital information environments mediation. (more ...)

Practical and Theoretical Principles of E-Learning

Principios Teóricos y Prácticos de E-Learning Mediators: Alicia Tedesco and Miguel Santamaria

Although education has undergone major changes throughout history, the application of information technology and communication has made one of the most profound and decisive innovations of recent years. The form of access to knowledge, communication, teaching-learning processes, materials and resources have been renewed as a result of the creation of the digital society. The E-learning emerges as a more immediate application of teaching through the network. (More ...)