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What is the Modular?


  1. It is a curriculum consisting of subjects or autonomous and independent modules that complement each other.
  2. It is a mode of study where students can choose the number of annual courses you want to pursue. (More ...)

Origins and History of Program

Orígenes e Historia del Programa Modular
The origin of the Modular Program dates back to 1998 in establishing the University Specialist Course in Educational Communication and New Master's Degree in Information Technology and Communication. At that time was one of the pioneering experiments (more ...)

Modular Program Objectives

Objetivos del programa modular

The main objectives are:

  1. Understand and analyze the process of media convergence in the knowledge society.
  2. Produce and manage digital platforms.
  3. Develop models for design and production according to the rules of accessibility. (More ...)

What benefits can you offer?

¿Qué ventajas te ofrece el Programa Modular?

  1. Ability to enroll in full or in modules according to their means of independent study.
  2. Studying paced counting up to five years to complete the studies of experts, specialists and Master. (More ...)

Degrees you can get

Titulaciones que puedes obtener
Modular Program in Digital Technologies and the Knowledge Society can lead to the award of diplomas:

  • Diploma in Media Analysis
    • This degree offers the opportunity to be Expert in Media Analysis.
    • This course is conducted entirely online and students will produce a specific material related to Media. (More ...)

Methodology and resources

Metodología y Recursos
The methodology is the characteristic of the UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia in Spain), so you can monitor the curriculum regardless of place of residence.

Additionally, students may have a direct personal assistance and regular teachers through various technology resources: virtual platform from which to develop virtual classes, video conferences, tutorials and virtual seminars telephone through the network. (More ...)

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