Principios Teóricos y Prácticos de E-Learning Mediators: Alicia Tedesco and Miguel Santamaria

Although education has undergone major changes throughout history, the application of information technology and communication has made one of the most profound and decisive innovations of recent years. The form of access to knowledge, communication, teaching-learning processes, materials and resources have been renewed as a result of the creation of the digital society. The E-learning emerges as a more immediate application of teaching through the network.

The module presents a proposal for meaningful and constructive learning in which each participant can design your own training course. It seeks to build a body of knowledge on e-learning with peers and teachers sharing their experiences in a virtual learning community. The contents are:

  • Distance education and e-learning.
  • Pedagogical and didactic dimensions of e-learning.
  • Practical aspects concerning the design, organization and management of e-learning courses.
  • The e-learning tutoring Functions and duties.