Configuración y Gestión de Plataformas virtuales Mediators: Sara Osuna and Angel L. Rubio

The computer media have penetrated all spheres of our society. Currently, the digitized information and communication are having the greatest impetus to the popularization and cheaper computers and the increasing ease of use of software and digital tools.
One of the main contributions of the digital technologies of information and communication are digital platforms that have become a fast and reliable standard for creating all types of web sites such as educational platforms, electronic commerce, telecommuting, integrated media, etc.. The module focuses on the configuration and management of e-learning platforms, especially in its communicative and educational dimensions. The contents are:

  • Interpersonal dialogue in the network.
  • Tools virtual platforms.
  • Educational aspects of digital platforms.
  • Criteria and indicators for analysis and evaluation of virtual platforms.
  • General aspects on the installation and configuration of an educational platform.