Comunicación y Desarrollo Facilitator: Esther Fonseca

The module aims to facilitate knowledge of public policy development of the Global Information Society, the study of interaction processes and social appropriation of cyberspace, and the analysis of the consequences and economic, political and socio-cultural networks and digital information environments mediation.

It also addresses the policy analysis and models of communication and development, introducing the theoretical and methodological knowledge of forms and strategies of integration of public information systems and knowledge, technological resources and popular cultures in international communication experiences , education and social development and planning techniques and community management action, locally, around socialization and communication networks of contemporary public. The contents are:

  • Communication policies. Programs, principles and systems of public policy evaluation of the Information Society.
  • Communication and local development.
  • Citizenship, participation and information democracy.
  • Social networks and communication participatory action
  • Political economy of communication and culture
  • Strategic communication planning for social change
  • Alternative communication and social movements.