Materiales publicados en el Programa

Important Note:
These materials are only available for students enrolled in the Digital Modular Technologies and the Knowledge Society. As we will be editing new works by notifying their publication on this page.


Media Convergence
Sara Osuna and Carlos Buson
ISBN: 978-84-7426-958

Design for tod @ s
I and II
Carlos Egea
ISBN: 1084-689-3062-8

Advertising and Consumption in Adolescents
Sara Osuna
ISBN: 978-84-9888-015-1

Free Software and the ethical construction of the Knowledge Society
Roberto Feltrero Orejo
ISBN: 978-84-7426-959

Communication and Social Development (2006)
Francisco Sierra
ISBN: 10 - 84-690-0082-9

Power and Control in the Age of Cyberspace (2006)
Sara Lee (editor),
Carlos Buson,
Carlos Martinez and Igor Sadaba
ISBN: 10 - 84-689-7388-2

book cover

Audiovisual Information (2006)
Juan Carlos Alpheus
ISBN: 10 - 84-689-7385-8

Communicative Media Studies (2006)
Antonio Cuadrado, and Miguel Romo
ISBN: 10-84-689-6576-6

book cover
Introduction to Free Software
Jesús González Barahona,
Joaquín Seoane Pascual and Gregorio Robles Martinez
ISBN: 10-84-689-6691-6

book cover Free Software
Vicente Matellán Olivera
Jesus M. Gonzalez Barahona
Pedro de las Heras Quirós and
Gregorio Robles Martinez
ISBN: 10-84-869-6690-8

Online Collaborative Working (2006)
Lynn Alves
Ricardo Japiassu and Tânia Maria Hetkowski
ISBN: 10 - 84-689-7387-4

book cover
The Philosophy of Free Software (2006)
Roberto Feltrero Oreja
ISBN: 10-84-689-6688-6

book cover
Practical and Theoretical Principles of E-Learning Lancho Miguel Santamaria,
Beatriz Alicia Tedesco,
Aquilina Fueyo Gutierrez and
Yolanda Lorenzo Crespo
ISBN: 10-84-689-6577-4